Biopolymer Chemistry

Biopolymer Chemistry

Avomeen an extensive understanding of biopolymers and can quickly provide thorough and exacting analytical characterization data for clients whose biopolymers are critical to life sciences applications including Diagnostic (Dx) Products, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals (Rx) and Drug Delivery Systems.

Our talented staff has years of experience and know-how to isolate, identify, and characterize all constituents of complex biopolymer materials.  We have experience with multiple sample fractionation and separation tools and techniques such as micro-extraction, chromatography, crystallization, mass spectrometry, microscopy and thermometric methods. Our laboratories are fitted with a suite of instrumentation which allows us to handle both heavy workloads and challenging problems.

Our chemists can develop and implement reliable methods for complete analysis and quantitation of all biopolymer constituents and impurities, major and minor.

Reasons our clients require biopolymer characterization include

  • Assay & Impurities
  • Forced Degradation Studies
  • Trace Contaminant Identification
  • Assay & Impurities
  • Supply chain considerations, equivalent grades or products
  • Defect Analysis
  • Monomer Distribution  and Synthetic Derivatives
  • Molecular Weight Distribution
  • Physical Characterization (Thermometric DSC/TGA, Microscopic SEM, TEM)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Branching and 3-Dimensional Structure Characterization

Biopolymer Testing Capabilities Include:

  • Analytical Testing
    • Method Development & Validation
    • Forced Degradation, Assay & Impurities
    • Non-Routine Characterization of Polymers
    • Good vs. Bad Lot Investigations
  • Chemical Analysis of Biopolymers
    • Molecular Weight Distribution and Average Molecular Weight
    • Chemical Bonds, Molecular Structure & Composition
    • Functional Group Analysis
    • Primary Structure Monomer Composition
    • Additive & Resin Identification
    • Chemical Family, Including Base Polymer Characterization
  • Failure Analysis Investigations
    • Contaminant or Impurity Identification
    • Off-Color & Off-Odor Problems
  • Deformulation & Reverse Engineering of Polymers
    • Composition Analysis, Material Analysis, Quantitation & Identification
    • Identification of Suspect Materials
    • Polymers Mixtures Identification
    • Additives Analysis for Polymers & Biopolymers
  • Biopolymer Formulation Development
    • Synthetic Modification
    • Pharmaceutical and Medical Biopolymer Quality
    • Regulatory Considerations

Biopolymer Analysis Techniques available include:

TGA, DSC, SEM, HPLC with UV-vis, RI, ELSD, and MS detection, GPC, GC with FID, TID, and mass spectrometry, FTIR, DLS, NMR, and others.

What Necessitates Polymer/Biopolymer Characterization?

  • Critical performance situations such as drug delivery systems, medical devices, diagnostic products, pharmaceutical excipients.
  • Regulatory considerations such as impurities and related substances
  • Product failure investigation

Historical success stories include in vitro diagnostic kit product major and trace constituents, complete deformulation for supplier selection, impurities and related substances for drug delivery systems, bio-printing systems, and more.

With Avomeen’s other comprehensive life sciences services, we are your contract service provider of choice to bring through development biopolymer compositions.

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