Animal Health

Like humans, animal pharmaceutical products are regulated. Avomeen’s veterinary laboratory can test these and other pet products for safety concerns. Avomeen Analytical Services is an industry leader in material identification and deformulation services, employing a variety of testing instrumentation and methods at its disposal to test for toxic chemicals that may be in pet food or leach out of the improper packaging.

Our scientists can verify your products safe and that it is performing at, or above, industry standards to help prevent recalls and product defects. From batch-to-batch analysis to shelf life testing, our veterinary laboratory can fulfill your analytical testing needs.

Avomeen’s veterinary lab scientists can test or develop pet products including:

  • AFCO standards in dog food
  • Extractables and leachables in food, water, and toy products
  • Reformulate an existing animal product into an organic version
  • Veterinary medicine testing
  • Perform overall safety testing
  • Provide quality control services

Avomeen’s experts can even perform a competitive product analysis, provide product development services, and help with litigation support.

While our veterinary laboratory tests pet supplements and products
we do not perform testing on any animals.

If you have a complex analytical problem that needs solving, please:

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