What sets Avomeen apart?

What sets Avomeen Apart?

Unique Laboratory Specialties Help Avomeen Stand Out in a Crowd

We take pride in serving as an independent contract testing laboratory that provides advanced product & chemical analysis services as well as new product development services to our business and entrepreneurial clients.  Our full-service testing laboratory offers a variety of specialties including deformulation, manufacturing problem support, failure analysis, unknown material & contamination analysis, custom product & formulation development, pharmaceutical R&D, and litigation support.

From your initial phone call or inquiry placed through our website, you will notice the difference in our laboratory.  Instead of using an automated phone system we have friendly operators standing by ready to help you.  Our scientists are used to working with both those new to using contract research organizations (CRO’s) and veterans of the industries that we serve.  This allows them to tailor our process to best fit your individual needs.  Specifically, they can assist you by answering your questions, determine the feasibility of your project, help to define your goals, identify potential challenges, discuss regulatory concerns, as well as identify both the time-frame and costs that would be involved with your project.

From here you will continue to notice the advantage of using Avomeen throughout your entire project.

In addition, Avomeen’s Testing Laboratory:

  • Can Solve Even the Most Complex Problems –  Our experienced chemists regularly answer difficult non-routine questions for our clients.  From solving complex product failures and contamination issues, completely reverse engineering a product in order to identify its unknown ingredients and re-create it, to developing brand new and innovative next-gen product formulations, Avomeen’s chemists can successfully complete your complex project.
  • Provides Customized Solutions – We realize each company’s needs vary. Instead of lumping you into preset one-size fits all solution, we will develop a custom process aimed to exceed your specific requirements and expectations.
  • Enables Access to Your Own Team of Chemists – You will receive a team of chemists that is here for you both during your project and after it is completed.
  • Contains Multiple Specialized Laboratories – Our multiple segregated laboratories in our testing complex insures against cross contamination.  This also allows us to specialize in several unique and advanced services that apply to a variety of commercial and industrial industries.
  • Insures Strict Confidentiality – Our clients maintain rights over the formulations that we develop on their behalf and we strongly value our clients right to privacy.
  • Utilizes Advanced Instrumentation – We have a wide range of analytical instrumentation and techniques available to use on our client’s projects.
  • Accredited – Our testing laboratory is FDA-Registered, DEA-Licensed, and GLP/GMP-Compliant.

We understand that your projects are critical for you and your business, we always strive to fully comprehend not only what testing procedures you need, but also the reasons behind having these services completed. This helps us to guarantee that each project is properly customized to solve what is important to you, and to maximize the return on your investment.

We know that some clients may not be masters of chemistry, so our custom reports are written toward the individual receiving the service in an easy to understand format. All reports include both the complex raw data coupled with detailed summaries and charts. The Avomeen scientist leading your project is always open for contact both during and after your project is completed and we can even take other laboratories raw data and review it for you compiling it into a detailed report.

We are experts in many industrial and consumer product industries.

We frequently solve complex problems that our competitors do not have the instrumentation and

/or the knowledge to complete.

If you have a complex analytical problem that needs solving, please:


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