Certified Testing Laboratory


Certified Testing Laboratory

Avomeen Analytical Services is formally recognized by numerous federal agencies and testing standards organizations.  We routinely work with companies both large and small, from entrepreneurial start-ups, to government organizations, to Fortune 100 companies; our analytical chemistry laboratory is big enough to have the resources you need for your product/material testing or formulation development project, but small enough to be fully committed to you and the success of your project. Avomeen’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, ISO Compliant clean rooms, CTM manufacturing suites, and more than 65% of our technical staff members are Ph.D. chemists or above.

– If high quality and reliable results matter to your project then give us a call today at 800-930-5450 to be quickly connected to a helpful Ph.D. chemist that can answer your questions, review your projects needs, and will quickly develop a customized proposal for your review.

fda registered outsourcing facilities GMP CGMP Testing Lab DEA Licensed Laboratory
 FDA Registered cGMP/GMP Compliant  DEA Licensed (Schedule I-V)
GLP Laboratory   EPA Testing Lab astm standards laboratory
 GLP Compliant  EPA Testing Services Available ASTM Standards Laboratory
ACS American Chemical Society
Compliant Testing
 American Chemical Society
Laboratory Member


*We maintain the above accreditation’s and/or can test to the compliance standards listed above as well as a number of additional industry and regulatory standards not listed.  Please consult with one of our chemists on which testing method/s and/or regulatory standards best apply to your specific projects needs.


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