Increased potency, fewer side effects, and the potential to cure disease; biopharmaceuticals are the present and future of medicine, and Avomeen's chemical analysis laboratory stands at the frontier.


Develop biopharmaceuticals from the ground up, perform regulatory testing, and improve formulas alongside Avomeen's Life Sciences experts.

Scientific Applications

Our capabilities within the life sciences sphere can touch much more than just biopharmaceutical development. 


From back to front, we can assist in building and harnessing biotechnology, creating or upgrading medical & diagnostic devices, or formulating and deformulating supplements for the wellness industry. Our legal expertise even allows us to provide litigation support, a much-needed but oft-neglected service in the world of life sciences.


Avomeen Is So Much More than a Laboratory

Most laboratories perform standard testing and generate mundane reports that require extra resources to analyze. Avomeen does more.


The idea behind building the Avomeen team is to bring chemists and scientists together to think through common and uncommon chemical issues across industries and applications. We want to break the boundaries of routine chemical analysis to help improve lives.

Easily reachable and friendly team members dedicated to your project

You'll get to know your experts well as you communicate about project progress.

Countless combined years of experience solving projects that other laboratories refused

We continue to conquer the most difficult projects for which other laboratories just aren't ready.

Forward-thinking and scalable processes

Our internal processes are made to be flexible to fit the most unexpected challenges.

Biopharmaceutical specialists with scientific & industry knowledge

Along with the regulatory processes involved, pharmaceuticals are our specialty.

Consistently and rigorously maintained accreditation

Count on an FDA-registered, DEA-licensed, ISO 17025-accredited laboratory.

Our wide-reaching capabilities started with industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical research, formulation, and regulatory processes. We've been helping to improve healthcare and speed time to market for life-changing biopharmaceuticals ever since, and our experience and potential in life sciences only continues to grow.

When a routine testing laboratory doesn't have the experience or qualified experts to take on a project, they pass it on to the next laboratory. When those projects come to Avomeen, they get done.

That's because our unique mixture of technical, industry, and litigation knowledge allows us to problem-solve from unusual angles. We're not inclined to say "no" to a project we haven't seen before; if it's the right scope for our one-of-a-kind team, we take the challenge.

Leaps and bounds beyond the limits of a routine stability-testing laboratory, Avomeen's teams are backed by Ph.D. scientists who specialize in the pharmaceutical knowledge and scientific applications specific to life sciences. When you put your project in the hands of our specialists, you can expect results that reflect the unparalleled knowledge of scientific minds of the forefront of positive change.

Yes, Avomeen can perform standard testing. But where we excel is in building projects together with our clients that make a difference in our world.

Employing scientific thinkers is an advantage for you and an advantage for us. It enables us to work side-by-side with clients just like you to develop new ways of tackling new issues, and when we open the gates to innovation, the possibilities of biopharmaceutical chemical analysis are limitless.